Produits Chimiques du Mont Blanc

PCMB : Produits Chimiques du Mont-Blanc (Chemical Products of Mont Blanc)

70 years experience in the field of chemistry has made PCMB the leader on the French coolants market.

Based on Mono-Ethylene Glycol or Mono-Propylene Glycol, the various company products fully meet the needs of all types of installations and industrial applications.

President's message

Located in the heart of Europe, at the foot of Mont-Blanc, our factory has been developing chemicals for 3 generations. Always listening to customer needs, technical and environmental developments, we know how to adapt our technical and human resources to meet demand.

Jean Philippe Toussaint, P.C.M.B.  

PCMB, ISO 14001 certified

The ISO 14001 standard is the most widely used series of of the ISO 14000 standards relating to environmental management. It is based on the principle of continuous improvement in environmental performance by controlling the impact associated with company activity.

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PCMB and standard ISO 14001

PCMB certificate




Presented in images of P.C.M.B. Chamber of Commerce and Industries of the Haute Savoie

Manufacturer of universal coolants

PCMB manifactures universal coolant, designed to fill solar circuits, geothermal circuits, but also ground boilers or vacuum circuits, underfloor heating and radiators.

Our universal coolant has some interesting properties, such as anti-corrosion action limiting the risk of deterioration of different materials, as well as bactericidal and fungicidal action limiting the development of sludge in circuits with lower temperatures (<40 ° C) such as underfloor heating.

The fluids are manufactured with respect for men and animals thanks to its formula of sanitary grade approved by the Ministry of sanitary.






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