Produits Chimiques du Mont Blanc

The company PCMB


1930 : Descendant of a family of chemists, Mr Georges Toussaint founded a personal manufacturing company for ski waxes: PARSENN and invented grip wax that kept the skier from sliding backwards when going up the hill and allowed him to glide down.

1950 : Transformation of personal business into: SARL PRODUITS CHIMIQUES DU MONT-BLANC: manufacture of ski waxes: VOLA (e.g.: Parsenn). Manufacture of waxes and derivatives for the hardware store.

1955 : Beginning of automotive antifreeze activity.

1960 : Beginning of antifreeze activity for industry and construction.

1970 : Obtaining official authorization and the beginning of activity in glycol refinement. 1994: Separation of automotive antifreeze and the ski wax activities.

Since 1997 : PCMB has been devoted mainly to the following three activities :

  1. Manufacture and marketing of coolants
  1. Glycol refinement / recycling of used coolant (LRU) and used heat transfers fluids (FCU).
  2. Formulation and custom packaging



Bulk tank product capacity = 1,016 m3

Packaged product storage capacity = 300 tonnes

Refining capacity: 3600 tons / year

Manufacturing capabilities: 8000 tons / year



Environmental commitment

Through its recycling activity and with the support of the European Union within the framework of the LIFE ENVIRONMENT programme PCMB has official authorization to operate an establishment classified (No. 99-1990) since August 1990, renewed in January 2012 by Order No. 2012012-0011.

PCMB is registered with REACH since November 2008 under No. 8111187-5.

REACH is the Regulation on Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical substances.

It came into force on 1st June 2007. It streamlines and improves the former legislative framework of the European Union (EU) on chemical products.

With the support of the CCI of Haute Savoie and Rhone Alps, on 30th January 2013 PCMB obtained ISO 14001 certification from TÜV.

Consult our prefectural order, and its amendment in PDF format


Commitment to quality

Upstream : each PCMB provider is carefully referenced.

Internally : each production is controlled by the laboratory and is codified with a lot number. The packaging can only be started after issuing the Certificate of Analysis. A ½ litre sample is kept in archive for 5 years.

Downlstream : each package has a label with a lot number enabling full traceability.

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